Oncology Esthetics


Personalizing every clients spa treatment, at the moment, is the key to a successful outcome. Knowing that your chosen esthetician is providing you with a skin and body service that is qualified and trained to deal with your body, take the added fear away from you and know that you will be in the best hands.











Oncology Facial: Choose between PCA Skin & Rhonda Allison Skincare

(both gentle lines contain light if any fragrances- NO Colors, No Dyes, No Perfumes)

45-75min of Relaxation

Pamper your skin with a Gentle Cleanse, Gentle Dermazyme or Scrub, Cocktail of Antioxidant, Multivitamin and Omega Serums, Facial Massage, Hydrating Mask and Shoulder, Neck and Arm Massage.


Oncology Body Treatment: Hydrating Luxe Solution with Echinacea, Shea Butter and More…

(may use this treatment during and post chemo with MD consent)

45min of Hydrating Bliss

Slough off the dead skin cells and lets rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Start with a full body Gentle Rinse, Hydrating Luxe Body Mask, LOOSE Wrap to Comfort, Shoulder, Neck and Arm Masasge, Aromatherapy of your choice. (Aromatherapies can help with Nausea, Muscle Soreness and General discomfort)