Men’s Skin Care

Gentleman, it’s time to take control over your skin! Grooming and preventative maintenance shouldn’t be a hassle and it surely shouldn’t be painful and unatural.

Body sugaring is less abrasive and gentle on your skin to remove unwanted hair. It lasts longer, treatments are shorter, and the after care is minimal compared to waxing and other treatments. We don’t need to reenact 40 year old virgin right?

As for skincare…. A man’s skin is generally thicker, more sensitive and produces more sebum than a woman’s. His pH is also more acidic. This presents not only cosmetic issues but health ones as well. In addition, studies have shown that male skin cells carry fewer antioxidants and as a result, will form more and deeper facial lines and hyper pigmentation (age spots)

Body, Skincare, and Sugaring Services:

Deep Clean Back Scrub Hard to reach cleanse, scrub, steam, and extractions of impurities. Finish off with a light and relaxing massage and customized mask to re-hydrate your skin.  $75  60min
The Keonimana Act as a gentleman and receive the treatment encouraged for your skin type.  With our RA Method system we introduce the skin to a soothing yet corrective professional treatment that will take skin to a whole new level as detoxifying clays and cacti extracts provide balance and tone. Relax under heating and cooling applications of facial oils blending by vital antioxidants and essential oils. All ingredients are active for healthy, hydrated skin. Pore Extractions, shoulder, neck and arms massage included. $95 75min
Keonimana Express On the go facial that’s quicker than grabbing lunch. P2 enzyme helps fight the aging process, carrying away waste products that cause skin to look dull and unhealthy. Skin shows an immediate difference as this quick, refreshing facial leaves skin smooth, hydrated and vibrant for weeks.  $75  45min
Nose  Hard Wax  $10
Fingers/Toes  Sugaring  $15
Brow  Sugaring  $20
Neck  Sugaring  $15
Under Arm  Sugaring  $25
Arm (partial)  Sugaring  $45
Arm (full)  Sugaring  $50
Back (partial)  Sugaring  $45
Back (full)  Sugaring  $75
Chest  Sugaring  $45
Stomach  Sugaring  $45
Leg (partial)  Sugaring  $55
Leg (full)  Sugaring  $85