Hair Removal

Professional Body Sugaring is a less abrasive, safer, and truly progressive method of hair removal safe for all parts of the body.  Sugar is made up of Sugar, Lemon juice and Water.

  • No Chemicals, resins or preservatives are added.
  • Natural and 100% sanitary,  it is recommended especially to those sensitive and ideal for most tender areas of the body.
  • No double dipping, No burning, No skin tearing.
  • Applied opposite hair growth and removed with the hair growth.
  • Sugar is water soluble and known to cause less breakage and in-growns without that sticky residue left over from waxing.

Get your summer fun Bikini/Brazilian! Have you been Sugared Lately?


Body Sugaring Services:

Chin $10
Lip $10
Nose $10
Finger/Toes $15
Brow $15
Full Face $50
Neck $15
Sides of Face $25
Under Arm $25
Partial Arm $40
Full Arm $45
Back (partial) $45
Back (full) $75
Chest $45
Belly $35
Leg (partial) $40
Leg (full) $85
Standard Bikini / Modified Bikini $40 / $45
Standard Brazilian / Maintenance Brazilian $60 / $50


NOTES to the client:

*Hair should have 10-14 days of growth.

*Wearing loose fitting clothing is always recommended.

*During Ovulation and the day before Menstruation hair removal may cause your skin to be more sensitive.

*No need for numbing cream because sugar only seeps into the cuticle of the hair and not the follicle itself.

*Exfoliation prior to hair removal loosens follicles which makes hair removal easier.