Farewell but not goodbye….

Well, never say never…… first I’d like to send a huge Thank You to everyone that has visited Ka-Lai’ Spa over the last 8+ years. Many of you have watched this Spa grow from numerous situations and always turning brighter and more beautiful. All thanks to your business and friendship. Owning a business is not easy and you have made us successful in every aspect possible! So why are we closing our doors? Over the years of meeting wonderful practitioners and getting to teach them, I’ve learned a whole new passion in this industry and even more so the love for my family and children is calling me. Education, spreading the love of our sugaring product line and spending more quality time with my family is our upcoming future. It’s time to stop filling our plates so full and enjoy our day to day life.

I know this is unexpected and we had a really random offer come to the table last week after we decided not to sell… but the signs were there and it feels meant to be. We’re all in a little shock but want everyone to know we will keep in touch and keep you up to date.

What does this mean for all our wonderful practitioners? Not sure yet… our place is becoming a Thai Massage Establishment, but we will keep you up to date on everyone’s location and where we all will be seeing clients from here on out. Please reach out to any of us at anytime… I’ll update our website and keep it launched for everyone’s locations, referrals and even fun skincare blogs.

Mahalo and check out our FRIENDS OF KA-LAI’ SPA Page for where to go next.
Karin & Family
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